DMA Logistics



We endeavour to support our customers as best we can and ensure we continue to offer the very best possible service day in, day out.

We fully understand nobody likes prices increases and we do our best to keep these increases to a minimum and avoid passing on the full general price increases from our key suppliers on express services.

Therefore for 2022, we will only be passing on a 3.9% increase in rates for all DHL services from 1st January 2022.  DHL has informed us that they intend to increase rates across all services by 4.9% from 1st January 2022 onwards but we will only pass on 3.9% of this increase, as a gesture for your continued support to our valued customers.

UPS have also informed us they intend to increase the rates of their Domestic & European Road by 2.8% and their Express Service Saver services by 4.9% and these increases will be effective 1st January 2022.

Service Increase
DHL – All services      3.9%
UPS – Express Saver Service     4.9%
UPS – Domestic Road     2.8%
UPS – European Road     2.8%
Rate increases will apply from 1st January 2022 onwards.


As a result of a few on-going issues with damaged goods, we regret to inform that we will no longer be accepting medium or large sized boxes in our door-to-door service. We will continue our door-to-door services for junior and t-chest sized boxes. If our customers require to send medium or large sized boxes, we are able to do so but only for warehouse collection. We are sorry for the inconvenience but this was a difficult but necessary decision taken to eliminate any issues.